Chris McIntyre is a musician, composer, audio engineer/producer, and teacher, working out of his studio in Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada.

Chris earned a Bachelor of Music from Brandon University, and has worked professionally as a musician and engineer in numerous roles. He has spent countless hours on stage performing in a wide variety of acts, and as many hours behind a mixing console at shows mixing other acts. Just as comfortable in the studio as on stage, Chris has played on sessions for many other artists as well as often takes on the role of producer and mix engineer for client projects.

Recently he has been working regularly in the world of video as a music composer and post audio engineer. Recent projects include composing the score for the series “Life XP“, the score for the documentary “A Typical Heart“, and the score for the short film “ZANDI.” Chris also creates music for corporate and commercial video work. A recent example is a commercial for the City of Grande Prairie created by The Distillery Film Company, which Chris created the music for. In addition to composing, Chris has been doing arrangement work for Broadway Live Broadway for their recent dramatic productions of The Hunchback Of Notre Dame and Anastasia.

On June 1, 2019, Chris participated as a judge for the Grande Prairie Stompede’s 1st annual country music competition with co-judges Duane Steele and Dave Milner.

Chris continues to write and perform his own music, as well as play shows under his name or as a freelancer with other acts.

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Purchase "My Inspiration," Chris McIntyre's 2007 solo album from iTunes.


Chris McIntyre’s skills are available for hire under his home studio, CDM Audio. He offers professional audio services to clients locally and worldwide via online collaboration.

  • Tracking/recording, at CDM Audio or on location
  • Production and song arrangement. Don’t have a band? No problem, CDM Audio can build high quality tracks in a variety of genres and textures to fit your artistic vision. CDM audio has a network of players available to play on your track.
  • Voiceover, jingle, and other commercial composing or production work
  • Audio restoration. CDM audio can help clean up your music tracks, dialogue etc.
  • Scoring film and video projects
  • Editing
  • Mixing
  • Mastering