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Guitar Lessons with Chris McIntyre 2017/2018

Hello friends, I hope you’ve all had a great summer! It has been a busy one for me with lots of gigging and recording to keep me busy. It is that time of year where people are looking for activities to keep them busy during the school season, and I am again accepting new guitar students. I have quite a few returning students and will have some slots for newcomers available. Though I suspect my schedule will fill up quickly so don’t miss out if you are looking for a teacher.

For this blog post I wanted to share a recent photo of a student of mine doing some recording here at the studio. Sean came to me as a beginner guitarist, and over the last year or so has really blossomed as a player. In a short amount of time he has gone from knowing a few chords to being able to read music on the guitar, learn songs by ear and tab, and play acoustic and electric guitar in a variety of styles. I’m sure his piano and choir background helped with the reading aspect, yet guitar can be a challenging instrument when it comes to reading music. Sean is currently working on an EP with his brother James here at the studio. It’s very cool to see a student grow musically from being a beginner to being a player capable of recording original music in the studio! I hope to get the chance to record more students of mine in the future.

So if you are a beginner, or someone who plays already and just wants to expand their knowledge and abilities feel free to get in touch. All details about lessons with me are available here.
I look forward to hearing from you!


Latest Single, “One Chance In A MillIon”

Happy New Year Friends,

Now that the hectic holiday season is over, I’d like to release my latest song, “One Chance In A Million.” It was actually recorded last spring, and Cam Belseth of Dark Mass Productions, shot some video footage for us shortly after it was recorded, which I edited together later. The song is a duet that features my partner, Lenie. After we met I realized she had a very nice singing voice, and she had told me she had always wanted to perform.  Creating a duet for us to sing together was a fun project for us to work on, and a way to introduce her to the world of the studio. It is available for download on iTunes here, and the video is here in this post on youtube. We had fun working together on this project, I hope you enjoy. Thanks to Cam Belseth of Dark Mass Productions for his video skills.


New Single “My Little Ones” by Chris McIntyre

Hello Friends,
So this months single is here! “My Little Ones” is written for my three kids, Ava, Harper, and Summer. As any parent will tell you, time flies and they grow so fast. It’s a simple, honest song from a Dad to his kids, and I hope when they grow up, they can listen to this song and it will remind them of our time together when they were little. For the release I’ve made a simple video from candid video footage over the last year, which my 2 younger ones really enjoy watching. My youngest gets very excited every time she hears the song, and it makes a pretty good lullabye to sooth her to sleep. My Little Ones is available for purchase or streaming on iTunes, apple music, spotify, cdbaby, and other digital outlets. The video is available here on youtube. Enjoy!


New Single “This Old Friend” by Chris McIntyre

Hello Friends,

I’m happy to announce the release of my new single titled, “This Old Friend.” It is the first single in a series of monthly releases I’m planning to do. The song is an upbeat tune with a bluesy feel featuring slide guitar. The inspiration behind the song came from thinking about how music has been a big part of my life for so long. I started playing guitar around age nine, and music has been a part of my life since then. I’ve always found that picking up the guitar and playing, or creating something in the studio can make time evaporate and take my mind off whatever might be troubling me at any given time. Through good times and hard times, music is a constant companion that is always there. Though it may sound cliche, like many other musicians, I often have an easier time expressing thoughts and emotions through music than any other means. Life is a lot like music, at times we simply make it up as we go along, improvising our way through the years. The great thing about music is that most people can continue to make it until late in their lives. For me, I hope that is the case, and I hope I have many more stories to write about in song. While making a living and supporting a family as a musician can be a challenge at times, I am thankful that so far in my life I have been able to continue to pursue this career and pass music on to others via my performances, recordings, and through teaching others. This track is currently for sale on CDbaby, and will soon be available at all major digital outlets such as iTunes. If you like it, head on over to CD baby purchase it for 99 cents and help me keep passing on the joy of music to others!  Or if you prefer iTunes, it will be posted there soon. I’m also making the track available on my Youtube channel and my Soundcloud account, for those who may wish to stream it. I had a lot of fun creating and recording this song and I hope you enjoy it. I’d like thank Steve O’Dell for playing a great bass track on this tune!

Update: Now available on iTunes here!


Vocals, Guitars, drums, keys – Chris McIntyre

Bass – Steve O’Dell

Engineered, mixed and mastered by Chris McIntyre.

Music cues from the short film “Leaving Sid”

Often when composers work on short films, the music created gets shared during screenings and while the film is on the festival circuit, but then is never shared again if the film is not widely distributed or made available online. With permission from the directors of films I work on, I always try to upload the music to my soundlcoud as examples for other directors to listen to when considering me for the role of composer on their films. Of course video is even better to really show how the cues fit the picture, but the actual films are not always available online. Here are a few cues from the short film “Leaving Sid”, directed by Monty Simo. Most of the scores I work on rarely feature guitar, so it was cool that Monty was open to the idea of using it in his film. For this film we played with the idea of acoustic vs electric guitar representing a couple different locations/characters. It was nice to be able to feature the guitar as the instrument is one of my strengths, plus I enjoy recording real instruments along with the the virtual instruments that get used in many scores today. Enjoy!