Need live music at your Grande Prairie or Peace Region event? For smaller venues and events Chris McIntyre can help provide class and atmosphere with the stylish sounds of classical guitar repertoire and steel string fingerstyle music. Want something a little more upbeat? Chris is also a singer who accompanies himself in a variety of genres including blues, classic rock, country and pop. Want something bigger AND louder for your larger venue or event? Chris’s trio can provide all the energy you need covering a wide range of genres and music for all ages and tastes.

Chris is also available as a freelance musician for hire for bands requiring a professional guitar player/vocalist with pro gear and attitude.


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Upon graduation from Brandon University, with a shiny new Bachelor of Music and the silver medal in his program, Chris was faced with the big question all music graduates face: Now What? Chris moved to Edmonton, Alberta for a year and did some teaching at a private music school there. At the end of that teaching season, Chris came back to Manitoba for a brief period and continued playing in bands. Eventually he met some musicians who were playing the nightclub circuit in MB, Sask, AB, and BC and decided to join with the Craig Day band. This is where Chris met Cory Olesen, a drummer who Chris would unknowingly play with in his own trio for many years to come.

When the Craig Day Band dissolved, Chris freelanced for a while until joining with drummer Olesen and bassist Eric Banks to form the trio Buck 5. The band played a wide range of cover music and toured the nightclub scene in western Canada. It was during a chance gig at a venue in Grande Prairie, Alberta called BJ’s Q club that Buck 5 met Byron Johnson, the owner of the club. Byron loved the band and hired them on as the full time house band, and the band took up permanent residence in Grande Prairie. Buck 5 played BJ’s regularly from fall of 2004 through to 2010, and then less frequently up until the club closed in 2012. During this time Buck 5 released an EP of original music in 2005 that was mostly recorded at the BJ’s band house.

Chris and Buck 5 had the chance to work with many well known artists during this time, either opening or closing shows for acts such as Trooper, April Wine, Headpins, Prism, Lou Gramm (voice of Foreigner), Harlequin, Doug and the Slugs, Powder Blues, Helix and many other bands that passed through BJs Q club. Chris and Eric were also the house engineers and worked or assisted with FOH or monitor world for acts like Wide Mouth Mason, David Lee Murphy, Carolyn Dawn Johnson, The Road Hammers and many more.


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While teaching at GPRC and regularly performing and engineering at BJ’s, Chris continued to write his own music as well, and in 2007 released an album under his name, recorded on a laptop in his apartment. In 2009, Chris built a small custom home studio where he could continue to create his own music and develop his writing, engineering, and production skills.

In the summer of 2011, Chris attended the Banff Centre to participate in their audio engineer work study program (now called the audio engineer practicum). There he worked on a variety of recordings including selections for their International Workshop in Jazz album in 2011. He also had the chance to compose a piece featured in a short time lapse video profiling the construction of their Shaw Amphitheatre.

During a break from playing with Buck 5, Chris formed a new trio with drummer Chris Murhpy, and bassist Glen Chester, under his own name. That trio played a variety of corporate and upscale private gigs, and did some recording. As well, Chris continued to perform as a soloist for smaller corporate and private gigs with a variety of material ranging from classical, acoustic finger style and original music.  In 2012 He also contributed 2 songs to an album called the Borderline Sessions, a compilation album of Peace region artists recorded at Demitt Hall in Demmitt, Alberta.

When BJ’s closed it’s doors in 2012, Buck 5 later found a new home playing another venue in Grande Prairie. After opening a show for The Kentucky Headhunters at Spurs Cookhouse and Dancehall in July of 2013, the band became a regular fixture at the club. Chris started engineering regularly at the club as well.

In April of 2014, Buck 5 celebrated their ten year anniversary as a band, at Spurs Cookhouse and Dancehall, and they continued to play for one more year until May of 2015 when Bassist Eric Banks retired from the band.


As Chris became a more proficient musician, he became interested in pursuing classical guitar to further his musicianship, technique, and music theory. He started classical studies at The Eckhardt-Gramatte Conservatory of Music at Brandon University during his high school years. Following high school, Chris enrolled as a student at Brandon University School of Music where he completed a bachelor degree in music. During his time at BU he showed promise as a performer. He was enrolled in the performance stream majoring in classical guitar, but part way through the program changed gears slightly after taking some courses in audio engineering and electroacoustic music. His passion for creating and producing music in the studio became just as strong as his passion for performing, and this led Chris to switch to the general music stream so he could take more courses in audio engineering, acoustics, composition, electro-acoustic music, and he also took a minor in English as studying prose and poetry would surely enhance his song/lyric writing ability.


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Chris McIntyre grew up on the prairies and originally hails from Brandon, Manitoba. While he currently resides in Grande Prairie, Alberta, his musical journey began in Brandon at age 9 when he first picked up the guitar. By age 12 he was playing in his first band performing in school gymnasiums and community center dances. By the time Chris entered high school, he was already an experienced player and played in multiple bands playing covers ranging from classic rock, modern rock and pop, blues, and country. In 1993 he won the Orange Crush Talent Search for kids in Brandon, in the older age group and performed at Daughin’s Countryfest. His Early influences ranged from Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Colin James, Don Ross, Robin Ford, and many others. During this time Chris also became very interested in writing and recording his own music.
He spent many hours with a four track tape recorder writing and recording songs, learning about production and engineering.