In these hard economic times, it can be hard for families to afford extracurricular activities like music lessons for their kids. Many lower income families miss out on the opportunity to have their child study one on one with a qualified, professional music teacher. I’d like to do my small part to help this situation by offering 1 free weekly 30 minute slot in my teaching schedule from September to December to one student in need. So this brings me to how shall I find and select this student? Here is where I need help. I’d like interested students between the ages of 9-14 to email me a short letter or video telling me why they want to study guitar and think they should be the one I select. Parents can help younger students with this. I really want to find someone who not only could not afford the lessons, but also someone who really desires to learn to play and is willing to make a commitment to practicing and learning. While I’d love to offer more slots, I run a small independent studio, and also have my own kids to provide for. But I’d like to help someone with this small gesture and gift of music.

Criteria: Ages 9-14, can be beginner or already have some experience, low income household, real desire to learn to play. Student will need their own guitar.

Terms: Lessons will run once weekly from September to December during a time slot that I select. Lessons are not transferable. Cancellations will not be made up or lessons carried over.

Deadline for submissions: September 5th. I will review submissions and select the student I think most suitable based on the criteria. Only the student selected will be contacted. Please include contact information, name, phone number, email, address etc. I will announce the student selected with a picture of us during their lesson on my blog.

Email submissions to