Often when composers work on short films, the music created gets shared during screenings and while the film is on the festival circuit, but then is never shared again if the film is not widely distributed or made available online. With permission from the directors of films I work on, I always try to upload the music to my soundlcoud as examples for other directors to listen to when considering me for the role of composer on their films. Of course video is even better to really show how the cues fit the picture, but the actual films are not always available online. Here are a few cues from the short film “Leaving Sid”, directed by Monty Simo. Most of the scores I work on rarely feature guitar, so it was cool that Monty was open to the idea of using it in his film. For this film we played with the idea of acoustic vs electric guitar representing a couple different locations/characters. It was nice to be able to feature the guitar as the instrument is one of my strengths, plus I enjoy recording real instruments along with the the virtual instruments that get used in many scores today. Enjoy!