Chris McIntyre is a musician, composer, audio engineer/producer, and teacher, working out of his studio in Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada.

Chris earned a Bachelor of Music and has worked professionally as a musician in numerous roles, including frontman of rock band Buck 5. He continues to perform regularly as a soloist and with his current trio running under his own name.


Buck 5 played BJ’s regularly from fall of 2004  through to 2010, and then less frequently up until the club closed in 2012. During this time Buck 5 released an EP of original music in 2005.


In 2007, Chris released his first solo album, My Inspiration, self-recorded on laptop.

During a break from playing with Buck 5, Chris formed a new trio with drummer Chris Murphy, and bassist Glen Chester, under his own name. That trio played a variety of corporate and upscale private gigs, and did some recording. As well, Chris continued to perform as a soloist for smaller corporate and private gigs with a variety of material ranging from classical, acoustic finger style and original music. In 2012 He also contributed 2 songs to an album called the Borderline Sessions, a compilation album of Peace region artists recorded at Demitt Hall in Demmitt, Alberta.


In the summer of 2011, Chris attended the Banff Centre to participate in their audio engineer work study program (now called the audio engineer practicum). There he worked on a variety of recordings including selections for their International Workshop in Jazz album in 2011. He also had the chance to compose a piece featured in a short time lapse video profiling the construction of their Shaw Amphitheatre.

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Purchase "My Inspiration," Chris McIntyre's 2007 solo album from iTunes.


Chris McIntyre’s skills are available for hire under his home studio, CDM Audio. He offers professional audio services to clients locally and worldwide via online collaboration.

  • Tracking/recording, at CDM Audio or on location
  • Production and song arrangement. Don’t have a band? No problem, CDM Audio can build high quality tracks in a variety of genres and textures to fit your artistic vision. CDM audio has a network of players available to play on your track.
  • Voiceover, jingle, and other commercial composing or production work
  • Audio restoration. CDM audio can help clean up your music tracks, dialogue etc.
  • Scoring film and video projects
  • Editing
  • Mixing
  • Mastering